Probing the Sales Magic of Sex

Many people come face-to-face with disappointing sales reports and try to imaging something that will literally make sales boom off the charts. Inevitably, they come to the question of whether sex in some form or another would give things a boost.

This is a question that many people ask, but it is the same as anything else, the right approach has to be taken in order to make the sex appealing. There are a ton of adult magazines, videos and movies that were total disasters at the box office and the book stands, venture that have gone out of business long ago. If sex is real selling magic then why would anything like this take place?

The fact is, sex by itself is just an avenue to get the answer to a problem conveyed to the people who have the problem. It is not the remedy itself. Sex, dripping with all its lustful anticipations, isn’t going to do zilch for an ad campaign if there isn’t anything of value under the hood.

Now that we have it clear that sex by itself doesn’t sell anything, we can get to how sex can sell for you! Because there is no mistake about it, under the right circumstances, it can sell extremely well.

Let’s say for example that you’re selling a cure for acne. Now, let’s focus on our target market. It would be mostly teens, and teenagers think about the opposite sex constantly. So what kind of advertising do you hit them with? Well, a great start would be a landing page with a photo of a gorgeous gal kissing a young man. You could also have photos of sexy gals climbing all over guys in scanty bathing suits with unblemished skin. But the center focus would be on the perfect skin because that’s what these kids want. Why? Because the nerd sitting across the aisle from the hot girl in history class is anxious to get her attention, but with the face he’s got it won’t happen.

A good understanding of how sex relates to a certain market is essential. For wine, it’s an attractive guy and gal sitting at a table in a classy restaurant with their preferred bottle of wine between them as they stare into one another’s eyes. Then for cars, it’s the guy and gal driving in a sleek car, looking at each other while racing down the freeway.

We could go on, but the picture is set, the product must be associated with the sexual situation that would happen in a realistic setting, done with the appearance that there is no doubt that the effectiveness of the product is working smoothly. Whether it’s the bottle of wine, the car or the treatment for acne, it must appear convincing at accomplishing the prime goal, getting the girl

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